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Aerial Photography

Imagery aerial photography and aerial filming in ultra high definition video can be used for many other things including

  • Event coverage
  • Agricultural surveys
  • Estate agencies
  • Archaeological surveys
  • Sports coverage
  • Emergency services incident command
  • Search and rescue.
  • Marketing and advertising

What can Drone Mapping be used for ?

Drone mapping and photogrammetry has number of uses and offers real efficies over traditional data collection methods below are some examples of where this is being used to save time and money.

  • Drone Remote sensing and photogrammetry
  • Drone & mapping of earthquakes
  • Surveying & mapping of plane crashes
  • Surveying & mapping of storms and hurricanes
  • Tidal mapping
  • Drone Mapping of industrial zones
  • UAV Mapping of excavation sites
  • Surveying & mapping of flooding
  • Surveying & mapping of train crashes
  • Photogrammetry
  • Drone Mapping of the spread of algae
  • Forestry surveying
  • UAV Mapping of Vegetation
  • Mapping sandbar measurements
  • Precision agriculture
  • Surveying & mapping of landslides
  • Surveying & mapping of tsunamis
  • Agriculture – GIS applications
  • Arctic research – surveying
  • Geophysical mapping
  • Drone Mapping of coastal areas
  • Surveying & mapping of catastrophes
  • UAV Surveying & mapping of mudslides
  • Surveying & mapping of volcanic eruptions
  • Drone Agriculture – mapping plant growth
  • Mapping shifts in sandbars

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