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Airport Survey

Airport Survey

Obstacle  Survey / Topographical Survey/ Aeronautical Charts/ Survey Report. (After the OLS survey, assessment of obstacle data is carried out by us to finalize the Runway orientation of new runways, to decide the threshold displacement, to project the recommendations for removal of obstacles or take other mitigation measures.)

  • Airport Map(Base Map)
  • Approach charts of both Runway ends Objects of vertical significance around airport( 20 KM all around the ARP) Grid Map, Aerodrome Chart Type A chart(Both side) Parking and docking chart
  • Precision Approach terrain chart( data used : contour map of approach)
  • Zoning map( 20 Km from ARP – with BM/Contour heights etc. scale of map is 1: 50,000 ) 30 NM Chart ( other obstacle marking for digital NOC computer data . scale of map is 1: 2,50,000 ) Obstacle Free Zone (OFZ) chart in case of precision approach catII & III ILS operations at an airport.

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